Dog Days

Louie's first painting trip at 3 months old
Louie's first painting trip at 3 months old

Although I enjoy getting together with fellow artists to plein air paint, my truest companions are my dogs Angus and Louie. They're always ready to go, never complain if I take too long, and are filled with joy at the prospect of being outside for the day. We added Lou to our "pack" last August - he's a mastiff/lab cross, 105 pounds at 8 months old and still growing. My first few attempts at painting with the new puppy were predictably chaotic (see photo above) and I've lost more rolls of paper towels to his shredding than I care to admit. But as a woman painting often on my own, I know that my dogs provide good protection. Angus stands and growls if anyone comes near, and Louie's bark would deter just about anything. Both dogs have backpacks, and they carry some of my gear....along with dog biscuits and water. It's gotten to the point where I can't touch my backpack without setting off a flurry of dog joy as they dance around the door, waiting to go and paint.

Angus on a painting trip last winter.

Louie at 6 months

Update to last posting: I've decided to concentrate my web efforts to 3 areas: updating my web site, sending email newsletters, and blogging more frequently. Facebook and all the rest will just have to wait for now. Thanks to all of you who commented last time.

3 Responses to Dog Days

Padgett McFeely
via web
As an avid animal lover (I have kitties - they won't let me get a puppy dog - sigh.... maybe one day!) I loved reading about the latest addition to your furry family and seeing the photos.
How wonderful to know that you are so well protected and looked after!
Got a good laugh about the paper towels. I too am familiar with that game - one of my kitties shreds them to his hearts delight - what a mess but it is pure joy that I can rarely derail.
Happy painting and playing with puppies (no matter their age)!

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Thanks, Padgett! Animals have always brought great joy to my's hard to get too mad at them when they're having such a great time getting into mischief!

joyce Snyder
Now I know what I need to feel safe. A great dog! My wish is to paint alone but in just made me a plan. Thanks

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